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Mediation in Planning Project


The 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act and subsequent Killian-Pretty review of planning procedures in development control provided key drivers for re-examining the potential value mediation can add to effective early engagement and dispute resolution in planning; including decision-taking, plan-making, major development, enforcement and negotiations over Section 106 contributions, design, access and other issues. The move to more local decision-making and to a less adversarial culture promoted by the Localism Bill reinforces the value of promoting mediation as an efficient and effective mechanism for resolving disputes locally in ways that enable all the stakeholders to be engaged.

This project, led by Leonora Rozee OBE, commenced in 2009. In June 2010 the National Planning Forum published Mediation in Planning - an overview of previous work, academic studies, international experience, professional opinion and a series of case studies, which concluded that there was an important role for mediation in planning. A delivery programme to develop awareness and help practitioners use mediation has been agreed and is being rolled out. In April 2011 the National Planning Forum published Mediation in Planning – a Short Guide­ as the next step in this programme.

The project has been led and part-funded by the National Planning Forum with additional financial support from the Planning Inspectorate and Planning Advisory Service and the encouragement of the Department for Communities and Local Government. The NPF is grateful to all those who have supported the project on a pro-bono basis and for the support and advice of the Homes and Communities Agency, Advisory Team for Large Applications on the production of the Short Guide.

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Mediation in Planning Project

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