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Presentations from 2012

These presentations are for reference only.

If you would like to use any part of these presentation for more general distribution or exhibition we would ask that you contact the secretary who will arrange suitable permissions.

This page contain useful presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) format.

Presentations from 1st March 2012

Vivienne Ramsey, Director of Planning Decisions, Olympic Delivery Authority

How Planning Won The Olympics (Presentation)

Peter Burley,  Chief Planning Inspector , The Planning Inspectorate.

The Future Planning Inspectorate (Presentation)

Mide Beaumont and Nick Tennant, DCLG – Overview of Coalition Government Planning Reforms (Presentation)

Presentations from 5th July 2012

Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs Today – Hugh Ellis, Town and Country Planning Association (Presentation) Localism and the NPPF in Croydon – Mike Kiely, LB Croydon (Presentation) Neighbourhood Planning Update – Gareth Bradford, DCLG (Presentation) Planning Advisory Service Work Programme – Alice Lester, PAS (Presentation)

Presentations from 20th September 2012

Mathew Spry – Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (Presentation) Mike Kiely – Vice-president, the Planning Officers Society (Presentation) Financial Viability in Planning: RICS Guidance Note 1 – Robert Fourt, Gerald Eve (Presentation) Jackie Sadek – Chief Executive, UK Regeneration (Presentation) Building a Better Environment – Andy Howe, the Environment Agency (Presentation)

Presentations from 13th December 2012

Carol Reilly, Locality – Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide (Presentation) Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner, CLG (Presentation)