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Presentations from 2011

These presentations are for reference only.

If you would like to use any part of these presentation for more general distribution or exhibition we would ask that you contact the secretary who will arrange suitable permissions.

This page contain useful presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) format.

Presentation by Shona Dunn, Director of Planning, Department for Communities and Local Government – Planning Reform – the Bill and beyond (CLG NPF pdf)

Presentation by Adam Dodgshon, Principal Consultant, Planning Advisory Service – Engaging with the Localism Bill – the PAS view (PAS NPF pdf)

Presentation by Phillip Vincent, Community Engagement Officer, Action with Communities in Rural England – ACRE’s response to the Localism Bill (ACRE pdf)

Presentation by Liz Peace CBE, Chief Executive, British Property Federation – The Localism Bill – the industry approach (BPF pdf)

Presentation by Thomas Pienaar, Head of Corporate Affairs, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Engaging with the Localism Bill – the RICS approach (RICS pdf)

Presentation by Fiona Howie, Head of Planning, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England - CPRE’s response to the Localism Bill (CPRE pdf)

Presentations from 4th March 2011

Presentation by Leonora Rozee OBE, President, Planning Summer School – Planning Summer School (Presentation)

Presentation by Pat Aird, Head of Planning and Regeneration, English Heritage - English Heritage reaction to the Localism Bill (Presentation)

Presentations from 23rd June 2011

 John Rhodes and Pete Andrew – The Practitioners’ Advisory Group recommendations on the National Planning Policy Framework (Presentation)

Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner DCLG – Relaxation of the Planning Rules for Change of Use from Commercial to Residential. (Presentation)

Secretary Report (Presentation)

Presentations from 22nd September 2011

 David Kester - A Bit About the Design Council (CABE) (Presentation)

 Building Community - Providing the Tools for Communities to Take Charge (Presentation)

 Julie Orrey, Volunteer and Outreach Manager - Planning Aid England (Presentation)

Presentations from 15th December 2012

Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner, DCLG: Planning Reform in a

Local Context (Presentation)

Ian Barrett, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Green Infrastructure Partnership (background). (Presentation)

Stephen Russell and Ian Phillips, the Landscape Institute: Green Infrastructure and the National Planning Forum. (Presentation)

Kelvin MacDonald, Chief Policy Adviser, RTPI: Laying the Foundations – a Housing Strategy for England. (Presentation)