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Presentations from 2010

These presentations are for reference only.

If you would like to use any part of these presentation for more general distribution or exhibition we would ask that you contact the secretary who will arrange suitable permissions.

This page contain useful presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) format.

Presentation by Dr Peter Williams

National Housing and Planning Advice Unit (04.03.2010)

Presentation by Leonora Rozee OBE

Mediation in Planning Project Update (04.03.2010)

Presentation by Tony Thompson

CLG Killian-Pretty Consultation Papers Update (04.03.2010)

Presentation by Mike Hayes CBE

Building Control and Planning Project Update (04.03.2010)

Presentation by Leonora Rozee OBE

Mediation in Planning - Final Report Presentation  (23.06.2010)

Presentation by Graham Russell, Executive Director, Commission For Rural Communities

Commission For Rural Communities (23.06.2010)

Presentation from Cathy Francis

‘Local Enterprise Partnerships – the story so far and the relationship

with planning’    (08.10.2010)

Presentation by Vincent Goodstadt

‘Seizing the Opportunity! – a National Planning Policy Framework.’   (08.10.2010)

Presentation by John Rhodes

‘Developing the National Planning Policy Framework – seeking a

shared vision - a view from the development sector’    (08.10.2010)

Presentation by Steve Quartermain, Government Chief Planner

‘Planning in a Local Context’   (15.12.2010)

Presentation by Matt Thompson, Head of Policy, RTPI

‘12 Tests that the Localism Bill must pass’   (15.12.2010)

Presentation by Chris Reid, London Borough of Sutton

‘Localism in practice - Hackbridge sustainable suburb’   (15.12.2010)

Presentation by Steve Tilbury - and Jenny Nell, Winchester City Council

‘Blueprint - be the community architect.’   (15.12.2010)

Presentation by Tony Burton and Mike Hayes CBE

Culture Change Monitoring Report Update (04.03.2010)