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Presentations from 2007

These presentations are for reference only. If you would like to use any part of these presentation for more general distribution or exhibition we would ask that you contact the secretary who will arrange suitable permissions.

Presentation by NPF

Barker Review of Land Use Planning (24/01/07)

Presentation by Paul Hudson

NPF Planning Update (07/03/07)

Presentation by Alison Lester

NPF Planning Advisory Service (07/03/07)

This page contain useful presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt) format.

Presentation by Paul Hudson

NPF Planning update (20/03/07)

Presentation by Alice Lester

NPF (20/03/07)

Handouts for Climate Change by Peter Ellis

NPF (20/03/07)

Presentation by Paul Hudson & Ian Scotter

NPF Planning White Paper (21/06/07)

Presentation by Janice Morphet

NPF Delivering Inspiring Places (21/06/07)

Presentation by Paul Hudson

Communities & local government update (07/10/07)

Presentation by David Morris

Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration (07/10/07)

Presentation by Kevin Murray

Mind the skills gap Implications for planning (10/12/07)

Presentation by Neil McDonald

Planning update (10/12/07)