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Presentations from 2013

These presentations are for reference only.

If you would like to use any part of these presentation for more general distribution or exhibition we would ask that you contact the secretary who will arrange suitable permissions.

This page contain useful presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) format.

Presentations from 7th March 2013

Planning For Delivery

Peter Burley PINS (Presentation) Robbie Owen NPF (Presentation)

Presentations from 6th June 2013

Planning and Economic Development - How are we doing?

Delivering Growth in the East Midlands (Presentation) Driving investment through planning (Presentation)

Presentations from 11th December 2013

The future of shopping and the places we do it.

Town centres at the heart of communities, Chris Wade (Presentation) NPF BRC (Presentation) NPF ATCM (Presentation) Thame NPF (web) (Presentation)

Presentations from 11th September 2013

Plan making after the NPPF - How are we doing?

Local Plan Examinations NPF (Presentation) Importance of and progress of local plans pt2. (Presentation) Ernest Omoaka NPF (Presentation)